EvB -General Contractor - Consulting Services
The following is an outline of the consulting services that I offer at the pre construction phase of a project:

1. Attend an initial site meeting at the project with the owner and Architect/Engineer. At this meeting I listen to what is being proposed by the owner and make general recommendations regarding the approach to take from a construction cost viewpoint. I can also give the owner a budgetary construction cost range for the project. With this information the owner can determine the feasibility of the project. If the owner decides to proceed with the job, the information that I provide can assist the Architect/Engineer in developing the preliminary design.

2. Review the preliminary plans from theArchitect/Engineer and make value engineering recommendations that affect the construction cost. Because of my 28 years of construction experience, I can make practical recommendations that will significantly reduce construction costs, while getting the maximum value for the amount invested. For a contractor to be qualified to make these kinds of recommendations, the contractor should have considerable experience on projects similar in nature to the one being proposed.

3. Provide the owner with estimates of construction cost based on the preliminary drawings. This includes meeting at the site with the Architect/Engineer, as the plans are developed, to fine tune the value engineering, address any construction conflicts or questions that come up, and review the preliminary drawings for completeness and constructibility.

The goal in doing this consulting work is to use my expertise as a counter force pushing against construction costs, as they tend to rise during plan development. It has been my experience that owners who have this consulting done get more value for their money and a better design. Additionally, the consulting reduces change orders and the resulting cost overruns during construction.

For these services I charge$75 per hour. On the average size,single family dwelling project, I usually spend 5 to 10 hours on the work outlined above.

Once the plans and specifications are complete and if the owner decides to hire me, I will provide the owner with a proposal to do the work on either a negotiated or competitive bid basis.

4. Competitive Bidding. If you already have plans and specifications, I can provide you with a bid,without obligation, provided that:
a. Plans and specifications are complete.
b. A bid date is set for all bids to be submitted.
c. The Architect reviews all bids for consistency and completeness.
d. A contract is awarded to the lowest qualified bidder.

I hope this information is helpful and I look forward to working with you.
Erik vonBlankenburg

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